Getting someone to remember your brand takes five to seven impressions of your branding. That means the more ways you can get your brand in front of consumers, the more they’ll remember you.

One way to do that is through company branded clothing. It’s an inexpensive promotional tool that can grow your brand quickly. When people recognize your company branding, they may be more likely to buy your products or use your services.

Keep reading to discover some of the ways branded clothes can help your business.

Create a Consistent, Professional Look

Having all employees wear the same branded workwear uniforms, whether that’s a branded hoodie or a more polished polo shirt, creates a professional look. Everyone wears the same thing, which creates consistency. A printed, or better still, an embroidered logo adds to the professional look, giving the impression that you take your business seriously.

Boost Customer Confidence

Employees wearing branded uniform workwear are easy to identify as being associated with your business. This makes it easy for customers to spot someone who can help. For businesses such as heating and cooling or electricians that travel to customer locations, the branded workwear reassures customers that your employees are legitimately from your business.

Spread Awareness Beyond Your Location

When employees wear branded clothes at work, they’re only reaching the people who already know about your business. Encouraging employees and customers to wear branded gear outside of work can help you reach potential customers who haven’t heard about your company.

One way to do this is by participating in the community as a team while wearing branded shirts. You might enter your entire staff in a 5K fun run and all wear matching shirts with your logo. Creating a recreational sports team is a similar option.

Get Customers to Promote You

Branded t-shirts work well as a promotional tool for customers. Include the gear in a giveaway, or offer them to customers for a purchase of a specified amount, participation in a loyalty programme, or anniversary of being a customer.

Giving away branded gear creates a positive impression on the recipients because they get something for free. They also handle some promotional work for you every time they wear the shirts.

It’s not exactly free advertising since you’re paying for the branded clothes. But it’s a small upfront investment for continued promotion without any more work from you.

Define Your Brand

Businesses that present their brands consistently may boost their revenue by as much as 23%. Having employees wear branded clothing helps define your branding and create that consistent presentation. It helps reinforce the colours, images, catchphrases, and other elements of your branding to help solidify the image people associate with your business.

Promote with Company Branded Clothing

Creating company branded clothing is an inexpensive way to consistently present yourself and promote your company. It works for both employees and customers to serve as walking billboards for your brand.

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