Winter is coming along fast and you don’t want it to catch you unprepared.

Getting the proper cold weather workwear can mean the difference between a comfortable day outside and nasty exposure to the elements.

There are many important details of good cold weather workwear you should keep in mind. Get a better understanding of what to wrap up in with our buyer’s guide below.

The Checklist for Perfect Cold Weather Workwear

Protecting yourself against harsh winter weather means avoiding damaging your immune system or even conditions like hypothermia. This becomes even more important when you need to be out working in winter for hours on end.

Every piece of your clothing should help you stay warm and any part of you left unprotected is in potential danger. Here is the list of items you need to ensure you stay safe and warm this winter.

1. Headgear

Your head may not be where you lose most of your body heat, but it is still one of the most vital parts of your body to protect. With some of the most sensitive areas, you need good coverage.

Thick beenie hats are good. If there is a strong wind or extreme temperatures, you might consider a face mask as well. Your nose and lips can be vulnerable.

2. Coats and Jackets

Your coats and jackets will protect your body and make a key effort toward keeping circulation flowing and body temperature high.

The key to a good winter coat is layers. A single jacket can work in mild winter weather or for a short period. On a full workday, you want multiple layers of different types.

The inner layer needs to absorb sweat as it will be closest to your skin. Your sweat will cool you when it evaporates, so to stay warm you want it away from your body.

The next layers should be heavy and warm with the top layer having a waterproof or snow resistant coating to keep the snow on you from soaking into your coat. A good shell or insulated jacket is perfect.

3. Trousers

The type of trousers you will need for cold weather workwear depends on how intense the work and the weather is.

Often a pair of long johns partnered with solid denim trousers may be enough. You might not be as mobile with this solution so also look at specific heavy work trouser options designed to be rain and snow resistant from the likes of Dickies or Snickers.

4. Footwear

Solid shoes and boots are the cornerstone of good outdoor workwear, no matter the season. Winter boots should have solid grips or spikes on the bottom for steady walking.

As well, waterproof shoes are a must, either through materials or treatment. Tough leather or other waterproof materials could be the difference between a frozen foot and a warm and dry one.

Socks are important, too. Wool is a potent material to keep you warm and sometimes layers of socks can help to trap in heat.

5. Extras

Gloves are important extras. Your hands are vulnerable and often needed for your work. So you need to balance dexterous enough gloves with those that will keep you warm and shielded. Many gloves now come with touchscreen compatible fingertips.

Other additions can be scarves for additional face protection.

Personal Health With Personalised Wear

Messing with rough winter weather is no laughing matter. If you don’t shield yourself against the elements, you can be in serious trouble.

With a better understanding of cold weather workwear, you can make sure you are safe and comfy in the great outdoors.

Don’t think you have to leave style at the door, though. We at BTC understand you don’t have to sacrifice style to be winter-weather safe. Check out our personalised clothing for more info on how you can stay sharp and warm.