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Why choose embroidered workwear?

Embroidery is a great way to create a professional look throughout your work force; our quality stitching will make sure that everyone is looking sharp and on brand. It is also a great way to showcase your sports team and create a unified feel throughout your squad.

The durability of embroidery is great for all working conditions and work clothes outlast printed equivelants in terms of general wear and tear of the logo or design. In comparison to printing, embroidery is generally regarded as more prestigious, which is why it is so popular with businesses. The best garments to embroider are jackets, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other hats and outerwear (see our ‘Range’ section further down for popular items)

The Melco EMT16 - Our embroidery machine of choice

The top of the range Melco emt16 machine boasts a range of sixteen thread colours, providing both the benefits of a multi headed and single head embroidery machine. Melco machines are up to the task with any and all of your embroidery needs.

The versatility of the Melco EMT16 is huge. Due to its low cylindrical lower arm, it can sew in smaller areas and areas other machines cannot reach, for example, shirt pockets. It also means that we can handle designs with small lettering and detailed design. Considering its detailing features alongside a speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute the Melco EMT16 is capable of handling orders of any size and hitting your required delivery times.

More information here - https://www.melco.com/commercial-embroidery-machine-melco-emt16-plus

How we do it

  • First, we review your art, when it is ready we begin the digitising process. Digitizing your design is when we turn the art files into stitching. To do this, we use specialist software to trace out where the stitching will go, in other words, ‘mapping’.
  • Most garments require backing before being hooped, this gives stability to the garment. Backing is torn away after the sewing is complete. We can then sew out some samples of the design and make sure we’re happy with the quality, and if requested send you a sample.
  • The next step is hooping. Hooping is when the garment is secured by a hoop; the hoop locks into the machine and keeps the garment in place to reduce any chance of the garment moving while the sewing is taking place.
  • After we are happy with the overall design and the hoops are attached, we centre the design inside of the hoop. Because most designs are sent through a computer and input into the machine, we don’t have to waste time sewing out lots of test designs. If the trace of the design is not right however, we can still manually alter the sewing process until we are happy with the initial outline.
  • Then it’s as simple as telling the computer to begin the process and the machine gets sewing. Once the design is sewn out, we remove the hoop and the backing. Any threads that are out of place are carefully trimmed away using specialist embroidery scissors. This ensures your design is as neat and accurate as it possibly can be.

Why choose BTC Workwear for your embroidery needs?

Range: everything from polo shirts, caps, beanies, high vis and much more. We have thousands of products to choose from. Have a look at our huge range of embroidable garments:

Quality Products: We have a massive range of high quality products for you to browse. Plus our garments are sourced with quality and sustainability in mind.

Price: Giving you consistent and competitive pricing will always remain as one of the most important issues to us. An example of this would be with embroidery pricing. It is £6.95 extra to sew on your logo, but if you buy 5 it works out at £5.50 each, 10 and it works out at £3.75 each, 25 for £3.00 each and 50 for £2.75 each.

Production Speed: Our turn around rate is super quick! However if you need your order urgently, ask our lovely team about faster delivery options.

Customer Service: We offer some of the best customer service around; talk to our customer service team for any enquiries about products, pricing, and payment. You can also have a chat with our designer if you need any help with your designs. We’re always happy to help our valued customers.


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