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The aim of this page is to give you the pros and cons to both DTG and Screen printing and the differences in pricing. We want to give you all the information you need to make the best possible choice for your order.

We specialise in Digital Printing and Screen Printing; both of these are highly regarded printing techniques when creating vivid and durable colours on all of your chosen garments.

Our digital printing machines come in the form of the high class, Resolute R-jet 5. The R-jet 5 can print any image or design onto all types of garments whilst achieving crisp, photorealistic printing. We have no minimum order for DTG!

Regardless of which printing type we use for your design, our machines are efficient and reliable. We’ll advise you on which method is right for you whilst keeping price in mind.

Digital Printing

DTG takes a digital image or graphic file and translates it into printable format. The DTG machine then prints directly onto your blank garment; it works just like your home printer but a lot bigger and adapted for clothing.

Highly absorbable ink is then applied in a single layer to the garment that is quickly absorbed into the fibres. Our Resolute RJET 5 DTG machine produces high quality and precise results.

DTG is great for:

  • Designs with lots of different colours - this is because it can do all the colours in a single layer, whereas with screen printing, each different colour used would have to be layered.
  • Complex designs – with it acting like an everyday printer but for clothes, there is no limit to complexity in the design; It will print just as the image we input looks.
  • Smaller batch orders - It’s great for small projects or customised gifts for friends and family.

DTG Pricing

Due to DTG being a single layer print, the amount of different colours used won’t massively affect the pricing. This means DTG is the cost-effective option for small batches and complex designs with a variety of colours.

The reason it is best for small batch printing is because, unlike screen printing, DTG machines can only do one piece of clothing at a time. This means, more time needs to be taken and more ink used which results in higher costs for larger batch orders.

Screen Printing

Screen printing was invented in Asia in the early 1600’s so we’ve had a lot of practice to master the process! Here at BTC Workwear, we can safely say that we have. Screen printing produces vivid-looking, durable prints. The manual process is a careful labour-intensive process which creates an authentic printed appearance.

Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a fabric screen using a squeegee type blade. We have both manual screen printing and a top of the line automatic screen/stencil printing machine in the Diamondback S Carousel. Due to this process, the ink is deeply soaked into the fibres of the fabric and makes for a more durable design.

Screen Printing Pricing

Screen printing is cost-effective when ordering larger batches. However, due to the screens being manually created, there is a set up charge. This is £10 per screen; the amount of screens created depends on how many colours are being used on the print. If it’s only one colour, then it’s just a £10 set up charge!

The minimum batch order for screen printing is 10; the price can vary dependent on: how many colours you use, what size the design is, where each layer is being positioned and how detailed the design is.

With screen printing, the more garments being printed on the cheaper the cost gets. This is because, having base stencils for the design streamlines the process. So for bulk orders, go for screen printing; the higher the quantities, the cheaper the price.


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